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Originally Posted by NFS View Post
Fantastic .. please let us know how it sounds and if possible some sort of DIY would be great.

I'm really tempted to do this.
I had intended to take photos while installing this but because I was so afraid of damaging trim and stuff I was so concentrated on doing things carefully that I completely forgot to take photos (particularly of the wiring loom that's under the carpets at the door sill).

I think that removing the door trim and fitting the tweeters is well documented in another thread. I also had to lift the rear seats (which required far more force than I expected!), remove the backrest side section (not at all difficult with the backrest folded down), lift out the boot floor and remove the door sill trim in order to access the wiring under the carpet.

As for how it sounds, well I'm not an audiophile but I can say that it's an improvement but not as good as I expected. What I didn't like most about the stock sound system was that when I wanted to play music loudly, the sound went into distortion. This is fixed now with the Alpine amp. I was actually quite happy with the old sound quality (at low to normal volume levels) even though I knew there where no tweeters. I would have the bass up to +6 and treble up to +4 and to me this sounded quite good, 'warm' even. With the new speakers yes I now hear the the high frequencies like symbols but because I was so used to not hearing them before to me it sounded quite tinny and hissy so initially I wasn't impressed. I've turned the treble down to +2 and I'm now quite happy with this. The other thing that didn't impress me and is still an issue is that whenever a male DJ with a low voice is talking you get a humming sound or echo under the lowest parts of his speech. I've had to turn down the bass to +2 to avoid this humming sound. Otherwise I'm quite glad that I upgraded. Certainly it was worth it in order hear undistorted music.

The other thing I'm pleased about is that the upgrade cost me €330 (and 2 days not the quoted 2.5 hours! although now that I've done it I could possibly do it again in the 2 hours) rather than the €650+ cost (for Ireland, we're taxed to the hilt here) of the hifi upgrade on the options list.