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Just got in this morning, and will do my best to get back to everyone, just a little tidbit on the EvoTech Software.

EvoTech writes the software for all RENNtech Mercedes products, which most know is a very very well known Mercedes tuner. For all you out of state E90 owners, this ECU flash can be done at most if not all RENNtech dealers with the proper equipment or by sending us you’re ECU.

ArtZ 330, I don’t know if you think that I just pulled this software out of my ass, and decided to just post it for kicks and giggles, but the gains are provided from the manufacture, the reason why we are dynoing is to provide actual gains verse the manufactured claims.

I am chiming in here, because we represent EVOtech and will stand behind them again any attacks, such as I’m sure you would do as well.

I have no doubt that you will gain from this product as RENNtech would not release a sub par product, without tuning and testing.