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Originally Posted by Artz 330
You need to do a little research on the differences between the 330 and 325 and how BMW acheived the Extra power out of the engine to get to 255. No chipping your 325 will do nothing interms of even "almost" as powerful as a 330. There are mechanical differences with in the motor itself, and can not be changed by a simple remap.

and as for this creativeautoworks guy. In the beinging you made it seem "At least to me" as if you were the one remaping these computers. But now since you say. There is another manufacture involved and you are stating what they are saying. Well I am very sorry for coming down on you. Im a man I can addmit my wrongs.

But as for Merc. tuners working on BMW's, thats just amuzing.
and 22hp gains on an engine that is already maxing out its unlikely. Like RichP said, and I stand behind what he says. Every gen. of these cars is getting harder and harder to work with. Just ask the guys at HPF, turbo kit. But no software. Yet. Ive seen rich around on these boards and back in the day on the e46 forums, as I used to own one. He knows what he is talking about.

Evotech software in the beging stages of my MINI modding got me a whole 1.9 HP to the wheels. This was along time ago. Ill search for the dyno results.

No hard feelings I assumed you didn't see that Evotech was the manufacture, so no worries, we'll laugh and drink about it one day... as for the mini's thats odd, because alot of the mightly mini guys didnt have any issues and had decent gains with software..

As for a Mercedes tuner working on bmw software, its more like RENNTech is using them for there software not that the benz guys just decided to start branching out... but we'll get the results posted, and we'll have some good discussion on it...