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Originally Posted by noflash
Do you find you have to apologize after mosts of your posts? You certainly are quick to attck and judge (adding to the NJ-stereotype?)...

Anyway, the 325i's engine differs from the 330i's in software and intake manifold. Certainly much of the detuning is from the s/w and 22hp is not overly optimistic for a remapping. 215 hp is certainly a low number for a 3.0 liter engine.

Meanwhile, we'll have to wait and see what else the tuners come out with for the 325i. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but there certainly appears to be much room for growth in that 325i.

Lastly, I do find it suspicious that both the 330i and 325i get the exact same power increases from the chip. Bring on the Dynos!

Thanks for your efforts, creativeautoworks.

Couldn't have said it better. Artz, I was quite skeptical of this chip myself, but you don't have to go on a rant all the time.

And yes... I definitely see much more tuning potential in the 325i, not the 330i.