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Originally Posted by bozo5521
C,mon JW!! Everytime a new photo thread pops up, I start rethinking my position! Not about color of course, but this time its the wheels. This is the first time Ive actually seen decent photos of the Type 161's. They are sweet! I was so settled with the 162's, but the 161's definitealy give it a sharp look..Uh oh, back to the drawing board ...Luckily it is one of those things you can change after the fact...
I've ordered the 161s on my Arctic Silver car... but I'm veering toward changing my order to SG. I think the darker colours suit cars without the chrome bright work. (i.e. the 320D, 320i etc) where as the lighter colours suit the cars with the chrome grille and chrome window fittings (i.e. 330i)

Light coloured cars without the chrome grille look a little squashed and wide mouthed in my opinion. (I suppose retro-fitting of chrome grills will be popular). Cars that are darker in colour with the black grilles show off the kidney shape better which helps minimise the flatness and gives a more aggressive look.

I think SG looks fantastic with the 161s! hmmmmm... (I need to contact my dealer )