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Originally Posted by NFS View Post
Just spent a bit of time looking at the PDF instructions for this.

I haven't done anything like this before so bit worried I might be biting off more than I can chew. Could anyone confirm that I have understood correctly?

So ...

1. Amp goes in boot

2. Harness goes from amp to ...

a. Battery / Earth
b. LHS of car
c. RHS of car

3. Harness runs through rear seat and under front / rear door sills.

4. Dismantle doors and fit new midrange speakers

5. Fit new tweeter housings and tweeters.

6. Crimp ends of wiring to:

a. Radio cables
b. Door loudspeaker cables
c. Sub Woofer cables either side.

It's the last bit that's confusing me. There is nothing about opening up the dash etc.. so are the cables right there under the door cills? Certainly looks that way in the pictures.

So .. no need to remove seats or any part of the dash?

Are the existing cables labled? If not .. how do I know which is which?

In practice then .. is this tapping into the existing wiring, picking up the output from the head unit under the door sills, then routing it back to the amp and on to the speakers?
I've had a quick look over the instructions also, and it sounds to me like you've got it spot on - unlike the Blaupunkt upgrade that gets its signal at the head unit, this upgrade taps in to the cables at the cill - therefore no dash work required.

Page 6 of the instructions has a table that shows what wires need to be tapped into and connected to the retro-fit harness. The final page of the instructions gives you a definition of colour code abbreviations.

If you're replacing the underseat subs with the SWS items we've spoken about, you'll need to slacken off the torx screws securing the seat in order to properly access and remove the sub enclosure. From what I've read you won't need to remove the seats to do this (just slacken the bolts and tip the seat out of the way) it would probably be easier to remove them fully.
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