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Go to Knauz for service - I had a great experience

I had been having problems with the fuel pump but the dealer in Milwaukee (Concours) wouldn't do it because the dummy light had not come on yet. They then proceeded to loose my keys and forgot to call me to let me know for three days.

Went to Knauz for oil service and let SA know that I had been having problems and thought it was fuel pump. He checked and let me know that a recall had been done on pump and has been active since Feb 08 - I had my car in at the Milwaukee dealership in June and been told that they wouldn't do the fuel pump because BMWNA wouldn't approve the repair without the dummy light on. SA at Knauz said that was crazy and had no problem getting my car the new fuel pump. Knauz is a big dealership but really treats you like its a small place.

Go to Knauz - you won't have a problem. SA's are all on top of their game!