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Help! I fear my visor is trashed. I used goo off following these methods and my visor is a mess, the black border didn't really come off in a few spots, the is black dye leaked through staining the visor, the visor is saggy, and there is still sticky stuff...

Any way to remove the black ink? Anyone have a part number for the vinyl visor and where to get it(mine is gray)? I've tried goo gone but that didn't help, I think I just need to toss it altogether and get a new visor, I'm usually pretty competent but this job just sucked.

I did the 02 x5 with straight goo gone and it came off perfectly, no shadow nothing, but my e90 looks like trash!

Edit: Apparently the black on the visor was not actually leaked dye but black sticky stuff left behind by the sticker, so the next day I was able to apply plenty of goof off and remove most of the black crud. The area still looks pretty shady but much better than before, I will let it dry tonight and evaluate it in the morning. Hopefully goo gone should take off what is left over.

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