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Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
Did you read Orb's thread?
The M3 brace is much better than the stock brace.
Look at the stock brace and how it connects to the part by the tower. It's nothing compared to how the M3 strut brace is attached to all 3 bolts of the tower.

Think of it this way:
You need to take a bridge over to get to the other side because there's a bomb on your side of the bridge and an earthquake, a fire, a flood, etc.

There are 2 bridges that you need to take over to get to the other side from safety. As the ground is shaking, you need to decide which bridge to take.
One bridge is connected by one stake in the ground and the other is connected by three bolts that are connected to a reinforced concrete slab on the other side.

Which one would you take?
Yes, I read Orb's thread. I wonder how fitting the (somewhat exaggerated) metaphor is, though. You having a few?

I'll try and stay in vein, though: what if I took a bridge that was braced in tension by another bridge normal to the direction of impulse?