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Originally Posted by Asiann
You need to increase the number of times you run to where you are running 5 times a week. You will need the increased sessions to endure the length and duration of the run. Bump it up to 4 times a week for a week and then on to 5. I would not recommend more than 5 since this is your first long distance run. Make sure that you stretch each major body part for atleast 30 sec X 3 to ensure proper warmup and lengthening of muscles. I hope you have some really good shoes that are fitted for your feet. Price should not be an issue nor should you expect the most expensive shoes to be the best. A mile a week sounds good and looks like you will be on track. Try to run a little quicker for each mile so that when you do run it will seem easier keeping a 9min pace. Do interval training to mix it up and add cardio if you can to boost your endurance level. Physical Therapy assistant for the last 11 years and in the military so I know what I'm talking about.

My problem with running back to back days as I stated is that I start to develop lower back pains if my workouts are too close together. I actually threw out my back running about 2 years ago, and it took close to a year to build it back up to where it is now...

I certainly stretch well before and after... I am not the most flexible person, but I do what I can...

Just got new running shoes last week and they are great!!! I have had good success with nike shox in the past, and the new sets of kicks are shox as well...