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Uh... I played soccer 6 years. You don't need to question me on sports. But I know right from wrong, and while trash talking can occur and is almost expected, racism is not. From what little I know, admittedly, of the world cup, but learning about this whole thing Materazzi has a bad history himself.

And it isn't just France that is supporting him.

This has been discussed before I think you should scroll up some pages to refresh the discourse that has been going on here.

Originally Posted by Scarabeo
Give me a break...of course France is supporting Zidane and Italy is supporting Materazzi....ever play any sports my friends?? Players often trade crude barbs about sisters and mothers...nothing to get upset about...the fact that this is getting so much air time is ludicrous....the bored press should give it an effing rest....Zidane overreacted as he has in the past - of course I would not have given him a red card, just a warning...let them duke it out later off the field like men....instead of wussies....