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Originally Posted by thd13
R6 is real nice David. It'll be more than enough to get your 135 lb frame going 0-60 in under 4 secs. haha

David- I thought your alter ego is Orangesqueezer. Or is that only on Tuesday nights?

And I agree with AJ, the most valuable thing any of you guys can do is take the MSF course. It helps so much; it teaches you laws, it teaches you what to wear, how to ride, and it can even clear your acne! All for only 6 easy payments of $40 dollars. But if you call now, we'll make your first payment for you!!!! leaving you only 5 super-easy payments of $40 dollars!! Operators are standing by.
0-60 in under 3! But yeah, definitely signing up for the MSF course. I'm taking it at the Alexandria NOVA Campus.