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Originally Posted by yamazaho
Wow I have to say that this DIY write is certainly moving me in getting a M-tech steering wheel. Man I ain't gonna lie, at first I was really worrying about the airbag blowing the hell up in my face guys. Man that was just a joke right, who ever mentioned it before??? I mean right now I am in school and I need to drive the whole time. So I can't really afford to have my e90 without a steering wheel!!! Hum, but I can't help the desire of having one of those. Oh what the hell, I am gonna do it!!! Can't help it!! As sonn as coming back from Taiwan, I am gonna do it. Thanks bavarian!! I love the write up and will give it a shot. oh man GOD HELP ME!!!!

haaa... I have joked around about the airbag deploying... By disconnecting the battery (which is almost the first step), your airbag has no power, and certainly shouldnt deploy...

Good luck with the DIY!!! It is really easy, and hopefully my DIY has spelled it out for you...