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Originally Posted by tl_boy
I'm one of those people that believe you can make money in nearly any field. But the trick is finding something your passionate about. Something you don't mind spending 16 hours a day on, because if you don't, chances are someone else will, and you'll be hard to beat because you enjoy it, and they hate it.

20% of real estate agents make 80% of the transactions. And 80% of the real estate agents only do 20% of the transactions. Chances are those in the 20% really enjoy it.

Bottom line: find not only what you enjoy doing, but what you have a natural aptitude for. Those things that come easy to you, and you enjoy, but come hard to others and they hate. Hopefully, it will also be something that you can make money in.

My goal in life is to make a lot of money, like 800 million. Then I want to donate almost all of it. I want to be a robin hood of sorts.
Are you getting married? You'll need to earn 1.6 billion to donate 800mill then.

1sic06e90, you should be doing something you enjoy. You can always do real estate on the side for some extra cash. Get a job modding cars or making music.