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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
i did... he referred me back to longtran and said he was going to take care of it.

If i had cracked it installing it, i woulda owned up and just bit the bullet but

1. i didn't crack it during install.
2. again we are taking about something cosmetic about the piece when that isn't the problem with it. it DIDN'T FIT. What am i supposed to do with a trim piece that doesn't fit, frame it and put it over my fireplace? This is why I was eager for Long to test fit the trim to see that it didn't fit properly... which took almost 2 months for him to do and even then he said he didn't test it properly cuz his m3 and my 328 are different. either way, cracked or not, it isn't like it would fit properly on any e90 so how could a crack make a difference and like i said before the only answer i can come up with is that it can't be resold to someone who won't notice. now that its cracked they'd have to pony up a new piece for me and throw the old one out which to the maker of the trim, apparently isn't acceptable.
I would go after the guy who sold it to you.

I believe you didn't crack it during install. But you did while removing it right?
I understand how you feel. You're not in a good position. The guy who sold it to you got off scott free and passed the problem to you .

Good luck!