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Originally Posted by 1sic06e90
just thought id get some insight from you guys,the reason I ask is I absolutely fucking hate my job(Im a realtor)I genuinely just dont give a shit about real estate even though it can make me alot of money,I drive a nice car and have nice things but I m not happy,its just too hard for me to play the role at work,I know it sounds like Im just being immature but I think I would be happier making less money doing something else I enjoy,what do you guys think,

We often think about something will make us happy. Something new, better job, more money, more free time.

The problem is we're wrong over 90 percent of the time.

I love my job in radio sales. But I was just telling a friend that I've checked out for the past few weeks.

I think you just need to recharge your batteries and learn to love the plateau. Meaning life's not always fun and joy.

We're all too often trying to reenact what gave us pleasure and peak fun last week. When that same feeling doesn't appear we're often very disappointed.

You have a great skill, so no matter what, you'll always have a job.
Try and focus on how you feel when you make a good sale and you really help someone realize their dreams.

In a way you're kinda a dream weaver. Making others happy. Think about what you bring to others people lives. Maybe then you'll find more satisfaction with your job.

From one sales guy to another. Good luck!
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