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Thanks for the help guys. But I agree, this really makes no sense! Yes, when I go to code view to change the site title (meta tag), or change text in a table, the entire layout shifts.

But this isn't the only time. Listen to this...sometimes the entire layout would shift just by opening the file in dreamweaver! That's right, I would save the file and it would be perfect. Then I'd go to re-open the file and as soon as it opened in dreamweaver, it would shift over those 15 pixels.

I agree with most comments here, I use the code view most of all, because when you screw with design view too much, your code is likely to get bloated. Don't worry, I learned "longhand" HTML almost 10 years ago!

Well, for as strange as this sounds, if I keep both code and design view open, there doesn't seem to be any least I've been able to make about 3 pages so far without it shifting, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Thanks again guys. If you can think of anything else, let me know