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Originally Posted by PsyD4Me View Post
this is funny, since the trim wasn't cracked when you first got it, anything that happens to the trim after that is your responsibility.
Don't you see that?
Dude, I had a painted and Clear Bra'd front bumper shipped to me from CA to NJ (something most wont do) by that dude without a hitch. It was packed beautifully and the bumper itself was A+++
Yes I do, except the crack in it shouldn't have mattered because it didn't fit in the 1st place. Why doesn't anyone see that? The company won't take it back because its cracked, but cracked or not, it still won't fit on the car. The cracking didn't cause it to not fit, it didn't fit before it was cracked. I just don't understand how so many people can not understand that the cosmetic damage that the piece sustained was AFTER the fact that I found out it didn't fit and sent it to Long for a replacement. Its BS that the shop won't take it back because they probably are upset they can't resell it now... resell a poorly fitting piece.... which means that had the piece not gotten cracked, whoever came along next would have gotten the bad fitting piece. You guys all think that is acceptable?? I sure as heck don't. That piece should have been test fitted to show how poorly it fit and then I should've had a new piece sent back to me by the manufacturer... but Long wouldn't divulge that info so IMO that makes it his responsibility then to deal with things of this nature since he won't let us know who is making them (which I understand but on the same page, its not like I'm going to go blabbing it all over or start buying the trim from them and selling it myself... all I've ever wanted out of this was a replacement piece).