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Originally Posted by e90rocks
I suppose a burned out doctor could go to Law school and make a killing in Med Mal. I think you only have to sell your soul for a few millennia...and then you can frequent the 7-series forum. Seriously, tho, your brother in law must be a unit nurse or hospital administrator working a lot of hours, no?
You're actually right. He is one of the supervisor OR nurses, works his a$$ off and gets retirenment money from the Army. I've also thought about the law school thing but just can't do it. Believe it ir not, my dream job would be to have a shop to restore and resell sports cars and roadsters. I'm a pretty good mechanic and have even done some body work.
But back to the original thread, it's hard finding a job you enjoy, pays well and gives you the time to actually enjoy what you've earned. Those who have it are few and can consider themselves very lucky. I chose the lowest paying specialty (pediatrics) because I really enjoy working with kids. Unfortunately, the only way to make a lot of money is to see like 40 patients a day and rush them out. It's bad for the doctor AND the patient.