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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
That they did and for once they may be correct!
That is the most difficult part of sorting through all the info, what market gets what and how something can so quickly change. The DCT was originally for the US market but the economy and dollar is such crap now they can sell the US DCT inventory to the ROW and make twice as much money.

We are going to see a real shift in the US as far as cost and options go if the next administration does not fix this mess we are in.

The US was the largest most profitable market, but that is in the past, BMW has options elsewhere and should do what they need to maintain there profit margins and stay independent.

We dug this hole and now we need to dig out of it.

I still do not understand why Alfa is still coming to the US... makes little sense.

The US dollar is weak? Than what is the Australian dollar? and they got M type wheels and DCT as options for their 335 coupes. Australians make less money and get the better options, and their market is 1/15 the size of the American market probably.

The a-holes in Germany just had a brainfart and didn't ship DCT over here