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Originally Posted by Rotary Rasp View Post
well, according to the manual, the 6fl option can only read 16,000 mp3s. (I haven't confirmed this)

also, I have 145gb (35,000 mp3s) of music so a 64gb jump drive won't cut it.

lastly, the stock drive is most likely 4200 or 5400 rpm. upgrading to a 7200 rpm drive would increase the overall system speed.
Good point about the number limitation on mp3's. Personally, I don't like lossy compression, and the iDrive hard drive does not support non-lossy compression formats. Therefore, I'm planning on using a 64GB USB memory stick, which will hold ~100 CD's worth of uncompressed PCM audio. The car WILL play uncompressed PCM in WAV format from 6FL, but will NOT do so from the iDrive (including from DVD-ROM discs in the drive slot).

You wouldn't see any appreciable increase in speed from a 7200rpm drive, IMHO. Those drives will give a faster sustained throughput rate, but we are talking really small file sizes here, so I don't think there would be a significant impact on speed (see the web on Playstation 3 upgrades to 7,200rpm drives as an example of how there is no speed improvement in some applications). Plus keep in mind that the 7200rpm drive will run hotter....