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Originally Posted by mhaas View Post
Take it easy, you will get the DCT and the new iDrive, if not in 2009 than in 2010. You rather get it now and be a BETA tester? I don't think so, in that case even more Americans would complain and whine about BMW built quality and how they will go for a japanese competitor...

Come on, this is not the first time Europe or mostly the German market plays BETA tester for new BMW innovations. Once the first or second year of customers here in Germany don't have any problems with DCT anymore you guys will get it as well.

BMW just can't afford the bad PR in the US, so they rather wait until all problems are ironed out before bringing it to the US. Better wait until you have a good product than bringing it on the market early.
I think BMW tested that thing long enough to know if it is stable or not... and ready for production.