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Originally Posted by Rotary Rasp View Post
I'm aware that only the 6Fl option will play PCM audio and for the few that need that high of fidelity will be limited to the method you mentioned. But for me, and most people, a mp3 encoded at 320kbps sounds excellent. I personally can't tell the difference between a CD and 320kbps mp3, not when played in car at least.
Yeah - I understand that I'm one of the few that insists on non-lossy compression.

I'm mainly annoyed that the New iDrive does not support a lossless codec like Apple Lossless or Windows Media Lossless.

Like you, I've also found that the New iDrive will play any MP3 or WMA format (i.e. bitrate, CBR, VBR, etc.) that I throw at it, with the files on a DVD-ROM. But, no PCM WAV from DVD-ROM - only from 6FL.