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Somehow I can't edit my 1st post. Pictures order is off!!

here we go again!! Also added few more pics!!

1. Here is how the base ashtray unit look like after you seperated the top lid. There are 5 tabs which are holding the top lid.
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2. Here is how the back side of the ashtray lid will look like after you sepearated. You can see there are 5 clips. And yes, I broke the far left one on my first attemp when I swap the Sunglass tray. In this picture, you will also see the 3 melted spots that holding the chrome plastic part. Use some sharp object cutter or siccors and trim off the edges of the melted spots. Then gentlely push the pins and the chrome parts should be easily come off. DO NOT PUSH TOO HARD, you might bend or break the piece.
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3. Spray the adhesive on the whole cover and put on the pre-cutted CF fabric. Work on all the corners and make sure all corner doesn't overlap. The fabric it stregthable, so you can avoid overlap by pushing and pulling. Once you get all corner smooth out, you can use your finger nail or some object that not so shap to find the line between the lip and black plastic bottom. Put little pressure so it showed the line. Now use a sharp cutter cut on the line and tear off the bottom fabric. Then use some alcohol to clean the residure on the black plastic part. Poke three holes on the fabric where the original chrome part seat. Put back the chrome part, you can use some glue to glue down the chrome pices, but the pins should be tight enough that you don't really need to use any glue.
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4. Completed unit will look like this!! Just this ashtray cover itself shouldn't take more than 20 mins.
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