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I hate July

I thought I would do some venting...

I would like to take the month of July, stick a few fireworks in it, and watch it blow up....

Here is my reasoning for the well deserved hatred...

1 - My dishwasher blew up... not just quietly quit and peacefully exit the home... the pump went bad and it spewed water everywhere in the kitchen...

cost - $400 for a brand spanking new one (and it runs good so far)

2 - My E90 had a slow leak in one front tire. Got it 'patched' at my local tire place. One week later, the tire almost dismounts from the rim. Car gets towed to dealership. New tire on

cost - $350 for tire and mounting (including CCA discount)

3 - Today... I get a nail in my rear tire on my E90. This happens to be the wonderful tire that has been on national backorder for 2 months, and there is still no ETA on its arrival. Luckily the nail is in the center of the tread, and Ive barely driven 5 miles on it. Dealership patching it tomorrow.

Estimated cost - probably $50 or so, and will probably need a new tire in the not too distant future, so add another $400 for that sucker...

4 - Home improvement project... completely re-landscaping the backyard. No problems yet, but a lot of back breaking work and $$$ for materials...

Cost to date - $350

Can I have one peaceful week where I dont have to drop big dollars for this that and the other thing??? Is it too much to ask...

July... I would like to tell you that you suck. Thank you.

- Bavarian19