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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
how would I be "unjustly enriched" if I am just getting the money back that I paid in the 1st place? I already asked to be refunded the price of the 1 piece but they didn't want to be reimbursed by Drew/Long... I also don't see why they would refund me the price of the piece instead of just giving me a new one to pass along to the person who has the trim now.

I paid $500 for the set, if they can't deliver a new piece like I was promised then I think I'm entitled to return the entire set for the price I paid for it.

Also, nobody can prove I cracked the trim. The person who shipped it from the shipping center saw it and it was in perfect cosmetic condition.
then why don't you go after the shipping company to replace the part instead of drew and long? cause obviously, this person you sold the trim too doesn't care that the trim doesn't fit ... she just wants a new piece ...

i mean, its u said u package it correctly, pulled it off carefully, and it was perfect when you shipped it ... then it got damaged when it got in long's hands and you want him to replace the piece or get a new one?

catch my logic and drift here? you are going after the wrong party ...

and talking about nobody can prove u cracked it, well as of right now, no one can prove that maybe the piece does fit and maybe you just don't know how to install shiet correctly? u understanding all of this u said, he said bullcrap?