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Originally Posted by Minipuck V 2.0 View Post
then why don't you go after the shipping company to replace the part instead of drew and long? cause obviously, this person you sold the trim too doesn't care that the trim doesn't fit ... she just wants a new piece ...

i mean, its u said u package it correctly, pulled it off carefully, and it was perfect when you shipped it ... then it got damaged when it got in long's hands and you want him to replace the piece or get a new one?

catch my logic and drift here? you are going after the wrong party ...

and talking about nobody can prove u cracked it, well as of right now, no one can prove that maybe the piece does fit and maybe you just don't know how to install shiet correctly? u understanding all of this u said, he said bullcrap?
again, already went over this before... FedEx would not let me file a claim because of the time frame that all of this took. From the minute I send out the trim, I have a certain amount of time to file a claim and if its not filed, then the package is out of their system for too long and they will not accept any claims on any damaged goods. I went back and forth with Long for several weeks. and due to his wedding, he was not able to test fit the product until over a month later than I sent it. Even when he "tested" it he said it didn't work properly and pmed me saying:

"just to let you know that i have tested the part. 1 problem is my cf leather trim does not have the removeable pins like the cf trim and aluminum trim."

so he didn't even test it properly to see that it didn't fit. he didn't instead go to drew or 1 of 1000 people he probably knows and has done many favors for and try to test it on a regular e90 (non-m).