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Originally Posted by Johnnyr135 View Post
k guys be careful with this update this is the one Steve Dinan told me about when I had the huge problem with BMW usa and Dinan. This software will either not let you piggyback it like Dinans which causes the car to go into limp mode the second the car runs more than 13.4psi of boost or it will log an increase in boost and store it so that BMW knows if you have a tune and are taking it out. We all knew this was coming and BMW was pretty clever introducing lag and then making people want new software that will close the door on tunes. I would expect BMW to be releasing there tune they are using on the 745 before christamas now.
I don't think they can stop you from installing an ECU piggyback, but what's the problem if the new firmware detects them?

if you are operating the engine at a level beyond what it is set up for, then it's only fair that they are not responsible to cover it.