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Thumbs up E92-Lighting | MTEC e92 Fog Light Hid Upgrade Kit, h8 35W Single beam filament

Regular HID Kits

CE approval.

•100% Waterproof and 100% Dustproof.

•Input ranges from 8V~32V, can be installed on cars, trucks or motorcycles directly.

•More than 3000 hours average lifetime.

•Available Bulb Type: H8

•Color Availability: 6000K

Package Contents:

HID Installation Guide
Xenon Bulb (2 bulbs) 6k (diamond white)
Ballast (2 sets) (capacitors are built-in the ballast)
Power Cable (2 sets)
Mounting Bracket (4 pieces)
Screw (6 pieces) (for mounting bracket)
Screw Nut (6 pieces) (for mounting bracket)

6000K Diamond White 2900Lm

What is Xenon Light?

The Xenon Bulb is a micro discharge bulb filled with a mixture of noble gases including xenon. The bulb has no filament, the light arc is created by two electrodes.

What are the advantages of HID xenon light?
HID bulb provides better lighting performance than stock halogen bulb does, which only consuming 50% of the wattage. A 35 Watt HID lamp produces up to 3 times lumens when compared to a 55 watt halogen bulb.

Therefore, more usable lights on the road mean much better visibility which will bring good visibility as well as road safety.

A significant percentage of road accidents are taken place during poor driving conditions such as inclement weather or by darkness at night. HID lights help in overcoming severe weather condition by proving more usable lights.

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