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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
Thanks for the responses guys.

My dad wanted me to stay in Cali so we didnt have to pay out of state fees, but since Hofstra is private- there is no out/in state prices. Its all fixed. Anyway Hofstra is about $15K a semster. Im recieving some financial aid and $3,200 in work study money. Its expensive.

I appreciate the response Jay. Im the only girl and the baby in my family, i tend to be a little more sensitive with my parents than my brothers are. They pick up and go whenever they want. Whereas, i always make sure someone can cover my shifts at our restaurant ..etc.

Ive talked to 2 of my 3 roommates. One girl is 21, from FL, spunky, outgoing, likes to party, kinda sounds like a cheerleader. The other is from NH, shes my actual roommate. Shes pretty laid back, simple, i had to start up the convos.. but that should be cool esp since i nee dto focus on school.
15k/semester ? woaaaaa ... thats like 30-40/year... you are lucky, because my parents couldn't even give me 3k/semester five years ago (and what a waist of time that was)... but dont feel bad, they are your parents not some people on the street, i'm sure it makes them happy to help their daughter and see you grow..