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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
Well when i applied to Hofstra, i thought the tuition was a little lower than what it actually is. And lets just say, its very expensive. Now i feel bad for my parents having to shell out all this money for me to go away. I should have just stayed here in california and went to a public school. Should i feel guilty or what??! Maybe i should only do 1 semester to help them out. Ah!
Have you consider taking out a student loan for all or part of the tuition? That's what I had to do since my parents didn't care to save any money for me to go to college or probably didn't expect me to have the potential to go to college. Fortunately, I went to a UC so the tuition was only moderately pricey but not Harvard pricey. If you do indeed feel guilty, then taking loan to pay part of it will be a good gesture