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Originally Posted by song8062 View Post

Thanks for this information, it does help alot. You said you have ordered something via BMW? Do you mean voice enable code (a disk which has all the vin that was built with pro nav?)? but you said your car vin is not in the disk, so how does this enable code (or disk) work for you? or do you mean the part that BMW guy helped you to oder was not the enable code (normal enable code disk), it's something special which can eable vioce control on any car?

I am a computer system engineer, I know some programming and xml, where can you see them? how can I obtain the xml file and even I can modify it how can it be loaded on to CCC?

Sorry about too many questions, I just need to understand how does this voice control enable works.
Its not something I ordered...its a set of files ordered and obtained from BMW electronically for dealer use only. Its an enabling code (really just two computer XML file and a security cert.) There is a DVD that all dealers have that contains all of the "authorized" VIN's for enabling voice control. These are cars that came with Nav and have voice control when built. I originally had voice control, but merely had the "Professional" radio - these enabling codes are not necessary unless you have Navigation. These two files are encoded with your individual VIN and will only enable one (your) car per its VIN. The files are used at the end of a programming session with the dealership programming system (SSS) to re-enable voice control. You cannot load it on the CCC...Progman just enables the voice control (in the TCU) to work after being re-flashed. All of these codes are on a special DVD which only dealers have - it has thousands of files (VIN's) which are factory enabled. This was a new concept since Progman v25, likely to maintain control of the dealers charging people to enable voice control on cars which had the hardware, but didn't have the option "turned on."