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Originally Posted by Booster4075 View Post
Its not something I ordered...its a set of files ordered and obtained from BMW electronically for dealer use only. Its an enabling code (really just two computer XML file and a security cert.) There is a DVD that all dealers have that contains all of the "authorized" VIN's for enabling voice control. These are cars that came with Nav and have voice control when built. I originally had voice control, but merely had the "Professional" radio - these enabling codes are not necessary unless you have Navigation. These two files are encoded with your individual VIN and will only enable one (your) car per its VIN. The files are used at the end of a programming session with the dealership programming system (SSS) to re-enable voice control. You cannot load it on the CCC...Progman just enables the voice control (in the TCU) to work after being re-flashed. All of these codes are on a special DVD which only dealers have - it has thousands of files (VIN's) which are factory enabled. This was a new concept since Progman v25, likely to maintain control of the dealers charging people to enable voice control on cars which had the hardware, but didn't have the option "turned on."
Thanks for the information again, I can now understand how it works. but the vin of your car was not in the file, so you mean someone in dealer has done something tricky to enable that function for you? so guess is either they somehow encode your vin into the file and load it in at end of the programming session, or they did not even use the enable code (file/disk) at all , and enable it for you by using some other method?

Also I know your car has the microphone before, do you know where does that connect to? from the nav->pro retrofit documentation, it says the microphoe connect to CCC directly, but I want to know if the car had ULF or TCU(like your one) then how does the voice control work if the microphone is not connect to CCC. (I can't see the microphone that connect to CCC in the bluetooth retrofit documentation)

If you can tell me how your Microphone connect in your car that would be great.


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