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Hi people i need HELP! I had problems with my dealer- i asked for my ipod adapert but they said that they wont sell it to me if i won't have it fitted at their place... i managed to get hold of the ipod adapter from somwhere else and fitted it my self... AS it requires coding i had to take it to my local dealer... they where very polite (but obviously not happy that they couldnt get the money from me for the fitting)

I know coding is a simple process and doesn't require 3 hours labour!!
that what they charged me for claming that they had to "initialize" tyre pressure, electrical windows, steering angle etc. I think that they simply CHEATED ME and thet the work that they carrid out was not necessary! they charged me 210 which is crazy!

Also i have recently done a full service at another dealer and the car was showing 27000km to another service, after they have tapered with the car software not it show 7000km which is crazy as well, i think they changed it on propose hoping that i will not notice and will rip me of during the another service (that obviously is not required this soon!)

i want to write a formal complaint about this behavior to BMW customer service. And i decided to have them on and proved that they stole money form me and tried to setal some more by making me have a service sooner than required. in order to do this COULD I KINDLY ASK ANYONE TO SENT ME THEIR INVOICE SHOWING THAT THE CODING WAS DONE WITHIN AN HOUR PLEASE????

please get in touch with me other e90 bimmer owners as i need your help on this
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