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Originally Posted by Booster4075 View Post
I'm pretty sure the controller just connects to power and the bus like before (I have no idea if the connector is different.) The CCC connector looks similar, but the LVDS cable is different to the CIC (that's an easy fix.) Most of the big stuff looks like it would hook up with a little adaptation.

The MAIN issue with this is not the hardware swap...looks like everything pretty much will fit where the old stuff did...its the programming!

Whoever wants to "start the fund" can procure the parts and spending their money getting it programmed!

The 2009 5 Series is using the new iDrive controller with the old iDrive CCC, so it could be as easy as plug and play to add the the new controller to the current 3 Series iDrive.

The rest of the hardware should also connect straight to the current connectors, and I agree that the programming is the biggest obstacle. However, even that should not be difficult if a formal request is made thru the right dealer as you did for your retrofit.

I'm getting the new controller first for testing as long as the connector is the same, but so far no part department that I have called have both controllers in stock to tell me right there that the connectors are the same...