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Thumbs up RMP Motors, and why I like them...

Since I am lucky enough to meet a lot of BMW owners I often get asked where I take my car for non-warranty work. I always tell people I go to RMP because Rocco is a good mechanic and is fair with prices, but I wanted to post to give some details on why I prefer RMP.

A few months ago I had a big brake kit installed at another shop. They were friendly and the price was ok, but it took awhile and when I was done I had a pretty severe shake under medium braking. They did some other work to the car and there were a few things they missed (forgot to re-bolt the cross member to hold my exhaust on, over torqued wheels...). I was going to make another appointment to have them diagnose and fix the brake issue, but I am really busy in the summer and couldn't co-ordinate a time/date with them. To be honest, I wasn't entirely confident either.

So I finally had time to go see Rocco, and he re-installed the bbk, but also took care of some little things that had been overlooked the first time. As it turns out when they were originally installed the rust on the inner hub was not cleaned off, so the rotors were not sitting entirely flat. Maybe it was overlooked on the initial install, but it was enough that braking was sometimes uncomfortable and it could have caused damage to the rotors. Luckily for me all it took was a good grinding of the hub. What's irritating, though, is that the shake could have been avoided had they been cleaned the first time. This is what I appreciate about RMP; attention to detail. When I am there I'm the only car there, so both mechanics are working on my car and only my car. It's the way I do business and, even though it might seem idealistic, it's the way I expect work to be done on my car.

Oh, they're in Etobicoke now (they used to be in Bolton), so it's way more convenience for me too.

...and no, I am not affiliated with RMP. I pay regular prices. It's just the one place I am confident bringing my car to. And yes, I am really excited my car no longer shakes when braking!