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Originally Posted by Booster4075 View Post
That's awesome if you could visually inspect the controller (and hook it up too!) . . . I wish I had a newer WDS - that would show us the pin-out and hookup of the newer controller. Very interesting comment regarding the 5-series. It makes sense, since its just on the bus...likely needs to be programmed via Progman also.

FYI - BMW really wanted nothing to do with my retrofit, nor were they able to program it. I highly doubt finding any help with this retrofit through any authorized BMW sources. I have yet to find the "right" dealer willing to help and actually able to assist.

I know the guys at my dealer very well and they're great guys...
I know alot of guys that work in the shop as well as the service manager.
I'll swing by there this week and ask them a few questions regarding this.
Hopefully they might shed a little more light into this.