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Originally Posted by ksfrogman
The adhesive does not have to be water soluble. The boiling water temp is enough to make it soft without melting the hard plastic.

I actually saw another DIY elsewhere that discussed placing a plastic light unit (minus the electronics) in an oven at around 300 to 350 degrees for a specified period of time. This allowed the glue to get tacky enough to separate the adhered surfaces.

As you can see in long's pics, the proof is in the pudding (or in the soup pot).
I think you missed something.

-Long posted that he boiled apart the lights
-I said he should have baked them rather than boil them to get them apart, so the adhesive could be reused
-He said baking did not work (therefore implying that heat alone was not sufficient to disassemble the rear lights)

and 350 is way to hot for the any plastic in the oven, the plastic will begin to deform even at much lower temps (usually headlamps can come apart baking at about 180-200 tops)