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Originally Posted by BMWE90
is it normal for it to squeak after hard period of driving (e.g. an hour around twisties)??
I guess it depends on how hard. After a few hours of going around the BMW Performance Center track today in Z4s a lot of the brakes started to squeak, among other things that were happening. Got an oil light on the car I was driving and had to swap it out, one of the Z4s siezed up their brakes on the ABS emergency braking and all of the Z4's engines were making a claking clicking sound after really really hard driving which the instructors said is normal.

The cars at the BMW Performance Center might only have about 1 to 2 thousand miles on them each, but those are the hardest miles a car will ever see. I'm willing to bet 1,000 miles at the Performance Center translates into about 40,000 miles regular driving.