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Originally Posted by ismelllikepoop View Post
to be a dick, you are selling a speaker replacement set that you dont know anything about?
I am pretty level headed but why are you continuing to troll this post?

I am not a sound engineer, I do not build nor do I design speakers. BSW's engineers and lead install tech does that. Due to this fact I don't have response graphs and detailed speaker charts and specs in front of me.

When a question is asked that I do not have the answer to I ask an expert and get the proper answer. So I emailed my sound engineer and lead designer and asked for them to get me all the specs. Now I am waiting on that.

These speakers are 1 off drivers. We can't just go to Alpine's website and copy and post a link to a PDF.

I do know the upgrade sounds great!

Originally Posted by s.myrr View Post
I added the Stage 1 L7 upgrade to my existing order for the uf110 sub - now we will see how they sound together... and my guess is that this will be an excellent combo.

Thank you Halston for getting my order going!
Glad I could assist you Scott. Look forward to your review.