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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
FYI for when you ask:

The P/N of the 2009 3 Series iDrive main components are:

Controller: P/N 65 8 291 89 048
CIC: 65 1 291 99 907
LCD Screen (HD): P/N 65 8 291 93 755

The question is, are the connectors of these CIC components the same as the CCC iDrive? Using WDS, the 2008 3 Series controller connector is labeled X14099, the 2008 CCC connectors are labeled X13812, X13815, X13814, X13820, X13816 and X13817.

So far the 2009 5 Series CIC controller has the same P/N as the 2009 3 Series controller, but its CCC P/N is different from the 2008 3 Series CCC.

My contact at the local BMW dealer could not find the P/N nor the WDS labels of the connectors of these 2009 components.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...
I'm going to print this post and bring it to the guys at my dealership.
I'll keep you guys posted as soon as i get this done...
On another note , not a lot of life in this thread. We need to get this going!!