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Is there any rumors out there about the possibility of having a street tunable setup? I am coming from a Subaru backround and my car was running a Open Source tune. Is there any rumors that tuners may make a Street tuner setup similar to Cobb Accessport, TXS, or open source. If ther was the right program I would definately like to have my tuner look at it for a custom tune. I've never really been a huge fan of the "off the shelf" maps. As soon as I pick up a 335i I want to start tuning it. Vishnu seems like the way to go but I would much rather my own tune for my specific car.
Actually, I'm beta testing the cp-e standback. It is completely tunable and has amazing logging capabilities. The bugs are getting worked out but imo it's really close to being finished and available. The unit is a pinout and you access it with a usb cable that I ran out from one of the wiring harness boots in the ecu compartment. I've been logging on my way to work every morning.

Here are some screenshots.
Datalog review - for view logs after a run:

datalog reviewing software - for view logs after a run:

configuration pages:

boost map - can use a fixed value on the config page or design a map for boost onset:

fueling map:


real-time graphing - viewable while driving:

real-time graphing: