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Originally Posted by sixspeedsam
AJ, one auto-x won't kill your run flats. Mine are hurting a bit, but they haven't kicked the can just yet

If you had a good time at the car and driver event, I guarantee you'll love auto-x. MaD DriFting Yo!

Seriously, the auto-x is a great opportunity to test traction limits (and often times exceed them!) as well as get a much better appreciation of just how much throttle control plays in handling. My lead foot lead to a few sideway moments and recovery... as did my all to often "to much steering input" as my instructor said.

I think everyone that bought a BMW for the "ultimate driving machine" experience is doing themselves a disservice if they don't take it out on the auto-x and/or track. These cars love to be driven

if i do autocross, I will probably get another set of rims and tires... Im not burning through a set of RF's when it costs 1k to replace them... Maybe Ill sign up for an event when my tread is just about done... but that will be a while...