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The good news: the CIC and controller connectors and pin assignments are the same as the current CCC and controller connectors.

The not so good news (but not bad) is that VO changes are not possible yet for the CIC to "talk" to current systems. What that means -as explained to me by the service manager of my local dealer, which in fact has been also researching this retrofit for several other customers to my surprise- that it is possible to just plug these components into a CCC vehicle and it will turn on if it was previously coded in another vehicle but it won't talk to the current Assist, Sirius and the 6FL as these components do not have the correct coding for this CIC to interface.

That's the code that an "Activation Code" (FSC) from BMW can only "unlock" to change the VO. No FSC, no functionality of the peripherals with the CIC, much less the substitution of the CCC with the CIC.

It seems that BMWNA is taking a look into this but not for the near future as this manager had previously talked to them about it.