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Orange SPV M600

Further to my early post and the wonders that is Orange.

Previously returned my Nokia N80 - no 100% compatibilty with my E90 bluetooth kit. Back in oh when was it June?
I am now the proud owner of the Orange SPV M600 (arrived yesterday) - the little black PDA number..........guess what guys and girls, 100% compatibility.
Full phone book download, full steering wheel controls, good sound quality - not bad.

Niggles - they're always are. The phone book name is limited to 12 characters (unlike my old SE K750i). That ActiveSync oh gawd awful, still haven't got it to 100% work. But thats about it..........

No idea on battery life yet but hopefully it will last for a weekend.

So for all you guys after a wi-fi, small form PDA which uses full size SD cards (none of that mini, micro SD nonsense) AND works with the BMW E90 bluetooth kit - this is it