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Price: The price i paid for the service is $400. The price includes full trim wrapping for my e92 (coupe, 10 pieces) in the black c/f fabric i chose. The price also included 2nd day shipping back to me via UPS, so i only had to pay shipping to Richy which cost me roughly $50 and giving me a grand total of $450.

Question #1: Why does the e92 have 10 pieces and e90 only 8?
Answer: The e92 has the rear center vent and ash tray cover while on the e90 the rear vent and ash tray are not possible to cover, so there is the 2 piece difference.

Extra Option: Richy had an extra option for the center stack to be done (climate control and CD area cover panels) which cost me an additional $50 giving me a total of $450 for the service and $50 for me to ship Richy my trims, which gives me a final grand total of $500.

Current Price: Due to high demand, prices have changed; please contact Richy for current pricing.

Time: Once Richy receives the trims, he will need 2 full business days to complete the work and will be shipped out via UPS 2 day.

Warranty: The warranty from ******** Motorsport for this service is 3 years on the material against fading, cracking, or peeling and also on Richy’s workmanship from delivery. Mine was delivered 12/4/08 so warranty expires 12/4/11.

Question #2: So if anything happens, how do I put the warranty to action?
Answer: If you have any type of fading, cracking, peeling, etc simply contact Richy. In general, the customer will have to ship back the piece needing warranty, and also cover shipping costs back. It’s that simple.

Maintenance: Maintaining your newly wrapped trim pieces is very simple. Simply use a soft cloth with soap and water or use the normal leather cleaner you already use and if for any reason you have cracking, peeling, etc refer to the warranty information above.

Removing The Trim Pieces: Removing the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) trim pieces is very simple. Everything is held on by clips and pins. Just take your time and slowly work around the trimmings using a small flathead screwdriver. I used two credit cards and jammed them into the trim gap and just stuck the flat head in-between the cards so I don’t scratch anything. There is a DIY guide here (hope user doesn’t mind) and if you need any help removing a trim piece, simply call Richy and he will gladly guide you through over the phone: You can leave the vents, clips, and ash tray cover on the trims along with the pins; but the pins are very easy to remove and I would do so (I did) as it will be one less thing that can go missing. Just remove the pins and store them in a zippy bag.
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