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Question #3: With the trim pieces removed, can I still start and use my car?
Answer: Yes, after you removed the trim piece holding the start button, simply “pop” out the button out of the trim and hook up the wire you removed back into the button. The key FOB port isn’t touched during the trim removal so this will allow you to still start the car with and without CA (comfort access).

Question #4: What size box did you use to ship your trim pieces and how did you safely ship them?
Answer: To safely ship the trim pieces I wrapped each piece with some bubble wrap and filled the box with packing material such as newspaper and packing peanuts (Styrofoam). Since the largest box available at the store was way too big, I had to pack in two boxes. I used a 6x6x48 to fit the front trim (start button) and the two long front door trims. The second box was a 22x18x16 which was packed with everything else rear trim, rear vent, side vent, center console, etc. Using these two boxes with the items listed they fit perfectly and very snug.
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