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Post *** Top 100 Threads/Posts of e90post Hong Kong (NOSPAM) ***

Dear All e90post members and e90post Hong Kong meet members:

Pleas nominate threads started by HK members to record the 'Top 100' threads of e90post HK.

Example of the basis for nomination are:
- Uniqueness e.g. record of an event, a mod meet
- Informativeness
- Hit Rate and reader feedbacks.

You nominations will be referenced for possible use for migrating the single threaded HK thread to multiple threads in future.

Your post to this thread must be TITLED with the name of the nominated thread or meaningful key words

- Official meet photo threads
- Non offical meet photo threads e.g. track day, BMW Experience
- Local Car Show photo threads
- Mod meet photo threads
- E9X Mods technical related threads

We prefer to post only THREADS started by HK members.
However, a LINK to a post of a HK member is also welcome on the basis of informativeness and quality. (No restriction on if the original thread is originally started by non HK members provided a HK member had made a post to that thread.)

Optionally, you may PM the link to me for consolidation.

Best Regards,
Communications & Quality
Hong Kong E9X Owners & Enthusiasts Group

+++ Helpful tips +++

Avoid to post duplicates, please search this thread first before you post.

Please aslo consider to group nominated threads or posts of same nature in one post here.
You can use EDIT button to add new ones later.

In case Threads you want to nominate were "tagged", you can search via:

In case Threads you want to nominate were not "tagged", you can search via:

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