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On June 23 of this year, I ordered some KWv2's from James at **********s... he gave me a great deal and was very professional about it.

I received the KWv2's in a timely manner, but it did not come with spanner wrenches! I immediately contacted James and he said he would get on it... I waited, and waited and waited... one month went by, and James (and other mod bargains employees) politely said they were working on it, etc. but after over a dozen phonecalls and PM's, NOTHING got done.

After nearly 2 months of waiting, I finally ended up calling KW myself and obtained a set of spanner wrenches.

Recently I had some problems with my UUC sway bar (also purchased from **********s) flipping up, and I had heard that there was a revision in the bar since I had purchased it... I contacted Ron************ who was very nice and said he would call UUC for me and see if he could get me a replacement... that was one month ago, and not ONE WORD from him... once again, NOTHING got done.

I ended up calling UUC myself, and it turns out that there was no revision in the actual shape of the bar... they just took off the softest setting on the bar as it was causing the bar to flip up (I won't go into detail on that in this thread). Anyways, I got some tips on how to fix the problem directly from UUC and all is well now.

On June 23, I also ordered some CF roundel overlays... on the website, they advertise that the overlays should last 3-4 years... but it's been 5 months and the rear overlay is already 1/2 worn out. I contacted Tara at **********s this time and the last I heard, she contacted the vendor and is waiting to hear back. Although I am hoping she follows up on it, I'm not betting on it and am already assuming it's $30 down the drain.

The **********s employees are VERY friendly and really sound like they are going to help you, but they really don't. I feel like they're almost pretending to have customer support because it seems like nothing ever gets done.

Bottom Line: **********s is a decent place to purchase items, but don't count on the customer service... If something is broken or missing, you're on your own to fix it... they are very flaky and seem incapable of providing any reasonable amount of support.

Update: Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ron************ sent me a very sincere PM apologizing for not following up with me on the UUC sway bar problem and told me that **********s is working on a new system to prevent customers slipping through the cracks to improve their customer service. Here's the PM:

I thank you for your response, as to the follow- up I understand the situation, it is something that we're already implementing a new system so that there is a continued follow-up and no one slips through the cracks. We've been building it with a team of programmers for months now and are continuing to work on the new system.

I believe it is our fault for not continuing to get you an update, I should have had some type of reminder on UUC as I had been waiting for their response back which they didn't provide to me because as they said they were moving.

Let me know there is any thing you may need in the future as I will try to earn your business which I understand we may have lost. We are investing heavily into some great new systems and a revamped website to better serve our customers into the future to avoid problems like this and many other things to improve the experience with our company. If I didn't care about our customers, I wouldn't be putting in 14hour days 5-6 days a week. I do care, and I am passionate about what we do and are doing for the community - this is obviously hard to convey via an email or when you haven't seen us here at work.

Let me know if you have any further questions for me or ideas or opinions, I am very open to suggestions and such. Also you are welcome to give me a call here at ************** at any time.

Best regards,

Seems to me like Ron really does care about his customers... I guess I was one of those customers who fell through the cracks and had a bad experience... twice (once for the KW's and once for the UUC sways). If what Ron is saying is indeed true, then hopefully nobody else will fall through the cracks and when that happens, **********s will be a great place to do business with.
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