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Godzilla or King Kong?

Between a new 08' Z06 and a new 08' GT-R priced near equal which would you personally choose?

There are discounts on the Z06 bringing it to about 75K and a few new GT-R's are out there for sticker of around 78K. Using apples to apples regarding cost for this post.

Without pooping all over one or the other or comparing "I would rather have" cars, which would you spend your money on?

My take.

Better looking.
Beat the hell out of it tough.
Decent MPG.

A bit dated to some.
Some questionable materials. Personally the front fascia/hood scoop plastic mesh is horrid. Petty but...
Value retention. Toss out the window from the used 07'-08' numbers I see.
No factory Blue-tooth on 08's.

Unique/Crowd magnet...could get old.
Amazing technology.
Value retention. Real numbers yet to be seen.
A bit more livable as DD.

Some angles are hot and some or not.
Long term reliability?
Wide...that rascal is kind of big.

I look at the Machine silver Z06 I have been drooling over. Then I walk right next door to their Nissan store. I look at the silver GT-R they have moved from the showroom to under the cover outside. I know looks are subjective and a portion of our fascination with automobiles but the GT-R just does not give me that little "Oh yeah" when I look at it. Z06 gets a slight lead.

There. I feel better.
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